No Letter-No Travel

People refused travel without papers Heuston station Ireland

End the Lockdown court appeal

After a week of incidents of Garda intimidation across the country, these brave Irish men and women put aside their fears, put aside any differences, to show support

The Convoy

Watch as Irish patriots come together to take a stand against the penial laws, see how the brutal intimation and control by Garda and police as they work together to take away our constitutional rights…

Mary’s Troublemaker and the Conversion of Ireland

Andy Heasman joins me from Ireland to discuss his path from living on the streets of Dublin to spreading the Traditional Catholic Faith at the shrine of Our Lady in Knock. His is a tragic and beautiful story which will bring you to tears and hopefully to your knees in prayer.

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  1. You’re a brave Irish man Andy and we’re proud to stand by you, brother in christ & you’re like my big brother too, always try to help ye God bless Andy and il bang up all your vids on both YouTube channels anyway I can help ye know I will ✝️🍀👍🏻👌🏻🇮🇪 kam dub

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  2. Let’s clear up this for once and for all. The Catholic Church IS NOT a client of the State. The Catholic Church gets it’s authority directly from God. The State DOES NOT have any authority whatsoever over the Catholic Church. The State is in contempt of The Highest Court in the Universe.

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  3. Mate I watched your video with the funeral director on Bitchute. I think….I say…..It was the best video I have seen in the 2 years ( nearly ) that it has been going on. Please get this guy on again. He was amazing.


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